Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is that an ATM or vending machine?
    • Neither. This is an interactive smart kiosk, fully customizable to the client’s needs. One of our models has a modular body, and a vending module is also available.
  2. Can we choose features by ourselves?
    • Yes, you can. Besides the basic functionalities available on every kiosk, you can select among all available functionalities that are in line with your business needs.
  3. How many options easy2u has in general, and how many options can we choose?
    • So far, we have developed about 20 different functionalities. Modular approach gives us the opportunity for creating new functionalities and upgrading kiosks with new apps and hardware modules. There is no limit how many functionalities you can choose, but keep in mind that some of them are specialized for certain industries, and some of them need a partnership with nearby stores, restaurants, and other third-party businesses.
  4. If yes, how does it reflects on price?
    • Price to our partners is always the same, no matter which, and how many functionalities they have chosen.
  5. Which analytics are provided?
    • Various analytics has been implemented in easy2u, regarding the kiosks internal processes and its' customers. All our procedures about customers private data are GDPR compliant.
  6. Who can access PassBy analytics? Is it available only to business owners, or individuals can see the results too?
    • The PassBy analytics is available for our partners (business owners), and only authorized users can access the analytics. This analytics show the user's behavior passing around the easy2u and is completely anonymous.
  7. Is the Wi-Fi hotspot limited?
    • This functionality is fully adaptable to user needs. It can be completely free, it can be free for limited time (like on airports), or it can be commercial service.
  8. How many languages are available?
    • easy2u is fully customizable, and this also applies to supported languages. The interface is translated into several languages so far, but new translations can be applied and uploaded to the existing units within a few days.
  9. Can we choose gift card stores? Are they already offered?
    • We have developed a module for gift card issuing, and from the technical side, it is possible. But this functionality needs partnerships with stores located near the easy2u kiosk.
  10. Can we convert currencies and which rate is used when converting money?
    • Currency conversion isn’t possible on easy2u in general, because it is not ATM. But, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Litecoin) can be purchased through the kiosk, so we can say that conversion is possible in a certain form.
  11. Are we renting the device, or we can buy it?
    • Our business model is based on the device renting.
  12. When branding, can we choose the location on the easy2u we prefer and does it reflect on price?
    • You can choose the branding space and branding type most suitable for your business, without any affection for renting price.
  13. Are the headphones provided since easy2u kiosks are located in crowded public spaces?
    • There are no headphones for easy2u. Instead, speakers are built-in in every unit, and all relevant information is displayed on the screen, so the surrounding noise in crowded public spaces is not a problem.
  14. What is Gamification option?
    • Gamification is a powerful online marketing technique to encourage user engagement with a product or service. It is a process of integrating game mechanics to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. It uses competition, points, achievement, rules of play, status, and self-expression to encourage action through positive feedback. We can create a gamification model on easy2u in accordance with the partner’s needs.
  15. Can we plug in our USB?
    • For security reasons, the USB flash drive can’t be connected to the easy2u. Instead, data can be sent via e-mail, or downloaded from cloud storage or social networks.
  16. Can we buy SIM cards directly from the kiosk?
    • We have a module that allows direct purchase of SIM cards, but this option is available only through a partnership with local telecom providers.
  17. What is the quality of the camera?
    • The easy2u has implemented 2 MP, 720p camera.
  18. Is there a minimum renting period?
    • The minimum renting period for the easy2u is one year.
  19. How much service cost for end-users, is that for free and who determines the price?
    • Price for the services is determined by our partners. If a partner chooses not to charge some of the implemented services, they may be free for end-users.
      Since easy2u is multifunctional, the price is determined for each function individually. Our recommendation is that the price is always lower than in specialized stores. And registered users will always get an additional discount on prices.
  20. Is the easy2u user-friendly?
    • Yes, it is. Every job can be done using the touch screen and with the easy navigation through the on-screen menu.
  21. Can we access our e-mail address and print data from there?
    • For security reasons, access to private e-mails is forbidden on easy2u. Instead, users can send documents from their e-mail addresses to the, and they will receive unique codes to open and print their documents on easy2u. Documents are stored in a safe, encrypted private cloud.
  22. Can I browse the Internet on the easy2u?
    • No, you can’t. But, if you are a registered user, you can access your social media accounts.
  23. How fast are my actions processed?
    • Depends on the selected function. Some of them will be done in real time, and for some function's waiting time can be up to a few minutes (for downloading documents, printing on photo papers…)
  24. How much is easy2u secure? Is my private information safe?
    • easy2u is GDPR compliant, and all users private data remains private, secure and safe. All documents are stored in the secured and encrypted cloud, and they are available only with valid code, for the period of two weeks after uploading. Also, if the registered user forgets to log out, the system will do it automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.
  25. What is the difference between easy2u models?
    • All easy2u variants offer the same functionalities. The only difference is in their design, that is adapted to different industries and different modes of use.